Sept. 25, 2017

The conflict between America and North Korea


The US foreign policy for the last decades was mainly based on the non-proliferation of nuclear arms, which is apparently the only issue which Trump is not willing to revise in his approaches. First of all the minimization of nuclear threat from the North Korea concerns the relations with China. Trumps considers China doesn’t restrain the presumptuous regime, willing to gain the ICBMs.

Six-party talks with the North Korea were hanged down while Obama’s presidency and still Pyongyang is not pursuing its resume. China is the major sponsor for the Kim Jong-un’s regime. However Pyongyang is able to create the significant problem to China. The North Korea provokes the major risks for establishing the vast coalition by the US, South Korea and Japan. Besides when responding to the nuclear problem of North Korea, Washington and Seul are planning to allocate THAAD system. Both sides regard this complex as antidote to the Pyongyang threat. For China this well mean a wider US deployment of strategic armaments in Asia.

Washington intends to use China is to suppress Pyongyang in non-proliferation of nuclear arms. Particularly, Washington as a powerful maritime state is nurturing to block the area of the South-Chinese sea and prevent Beijing to use alternative Northern sea route due to the lack of concrete actions from China in North Korea’s deterrence.

The US controls the area of Paracel archipelago and Spratly Islands which means the block of all the trade and transport flows between the Indians and Pacific oceans.This through-passage is used to transport cargo amounting to 5,3 billion dollars, and the half equals oil and its products. In case of war conflict outbreak in this region, Washington military presence at Spratly Islands can be effectively used to cut all the marine corridors to the  South-Chinese sea. Therefore both marine corridors are crucial both as military strategic plan and as a solid supply of energy sources.

Besides, the US is going to send its destroyer to save the balance force in Asian-Pacific region and provide the freedom of navigation. Japan as an ally provides the Philippines and Vietnam with the navy vessels to strengthen its marine defence capacity in the face of potential conflict with China.