Mihail Kuroptev April 14, 2015, 9:52 p.m.

VI Arctic Business Forum - 2015 in Rovaniemi (Finland)


The present-day political situation on the international arena, especially in the Circumpolar North, can hardly be called stable. However, this fact will never prevent interpersonal communication, cultural exchange and building mutually beneficial business relationships. That is why international collaboration issues were brought up at the recent International VI Arctic Business Forum - 2015 in Rovaniemi (Finland). The world history has proved many times the importance of such questions to the economic development of any country.

This year the Forum included a wide range of countries (Russia, the USA, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Japan, China, Great Britain, the Netherlands, etc.). They participated in discussions on different international investment and entrepreneurial projects and sought to find possible solutions for modern international political challenges. Given geography of members such meetings tend to become popular not only in the Barents region, but in the whole world.

The program of the VI Arctic Business Forum involved sessions, seminars, discussions and workshops on different topics such as climate change and its influence on economy, Arctic tourism, innovations in energy business, investment projects and so on. In addition, the issue discussed during the whole event was temporary chilling in relations between Russia, the EU countries and the USA due to the so-called Ukrainian crisis resulted in imposing economic sanctions. The parties were speaking about the future Moscow response and its impact on Helsinki. Some Finnish scientists disputed further deterioration of relations between the countries and objectively pointed out negative consequences of anti-Russian policy carried out by several EU countries and the USA. This matter along with main problems were being discussed the whole event, at sessions and even in lunch-breaks.

According to some experts’ comments and interviews, Finland plays a role of a mediator in the Barents region on the regular basis since the country is leading clear policy regarding its neighbors and does not intend to play any diplomatic games for resources and to dominate in the Arctic. It desires to be a part of international dialogue and successful collaboration. Finland applies many efforts to develop the region. It is a world-known expert in natural resource management, shipbuilding, environmental science, renewable energy and human rights’ defense. So that the significance of Finland on the international arena is steadily increasing.

Finland as a historical partner of Russia and an important international political agent tends to form mutual neighborly cooperation in the Barents region, it is actively strengthening trust relations between Russia and the EU. It is highly beneficial for all the parties because Finnish and Russian foreign economics, policies, logistics, culture and business are tightly integrated. Destruction of such ties would negatively impact all the spheres not only in the countries but in the Arctic in general. Having taken this fact into account managers created the most comfortable atmosphere of collaboration and dialogue for the whole forum. Journalists and experts in many fields had an opportunity to communicate directly with top diplomats, politicians, businessmen and scientists from the USA, Canada, Finland and other EU countries.

It is worth mentioning that the Forum`s results clearly outlined future perspectives for such meetings and suggested an idea to establish a platform not only for economic and business communication  but also for the political one regarding the Arctic region to use its potential sustainably and effectively.