Sergej Goncharov Nov. 3, 2014, 2:08 a.m.

Real Arctic rangers


Arctic historically is a place for men of action. With no doubt you can say that about crew of Russian Arctic National Park. This organization started its work on Franz-Jozef Land only in 2010 but you can already see visible results of their work.

While some people try to tell us how horrible is the situation with ecology in the Arctic region, Russian Arctic NP team gathered and transported for disposal and recycling over 8.000 tons of waste from Alexandra Land and Hooker islands.

Also we must say that because of the great respect to the fragile environment, and historical buildings (Sedov station founded in 1929) in Tichaya bay 40 tons of waste were collected, separated and prepared for transportation without any machines using only hand labor.

I was happy to visit Franz-Jozef Land in August 2014 with international group of tourists and Russian Arctic National park workers: Deputy Director for Ecological Culture and Tourism Skalina Irina, specialist of tourism department Feldt Alexander and others. I saw that situation is getting better and hard work of Arctic cleaning is giving good results.

I think that only because of the Russian Arctic National Park activity tourists from all over the world didn`t ruined Russian High North to pieces “for souvenirs” during Arctic voyages. People see “the Arctic rangers” near them and don`t make harm to northern nature.

They haven’t got any connection to Canadian, Russian or other military forces, but international guides call them in such way with a respect and greetings to their hard work for saving the Arctic.