Erik Larsen Nov. 1, 2016, 6:21 p.m.

Business Forum in Oslo


          On October 26th 2016 the fifth Norwegian-Russian Business Forum (NRBF) will be held in Oslo. Chair of the Board of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Ms Liv Monica Stubholt, emphasizes the need for this Forum especially in this present situation:

         «When one door is closed, another opens up. Through 2016 the NRCC has focused on non-sanctioned sectors, as for instance fish farming, tourism, activities for young entrepreneurs and business-to-business development,» she says to the Norwegian-Russian Business Journal.

         According to Ms Stubholt, the NRCC organized more than 60 events in 2015 and had broad participation from industries in both countries.

Closer ties

        «In dialogue with representatives of Russian businesses, both at the central and regional levels in the Russian Federation, we experience a keen interest in developing closer commercial ties with Norwegian companies and also an intention to discuss opportunities for export to the Norwegian market,» she underlines.

         As Norway and Russia are both countries located mainly in the harsher climate zones. Norwegian and Russian industrial enterprises have a good t and are complementary within several sectors. Strong and sustained activity to support business development is imperative to utilize the commercial potential between our two nations.

        She points out that several Russian oil and gas companies are operative on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and they contribute to the resource development on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Sustainable harvesting of common sh resources in the Barents Sea has for decades brought the shing industry substantial revenues in both countries.

The fishing fleet

       «One business opportunity especially important these days is connected to the need to rejuvenate the Russian fishing fleet. 

        Norwegian maritime industry is ready to cooperate on the basis of mutual benefit,» she says.

        Another important field is cooperation in education, research and development between the two countries. This cooperation has been extensive and quite robust in face of the changes in the political temperature and geopolitics. We have a lot to learn from each other in the world of science, Ms Stubholt thinks.

      «During the 5th Norwegian-Russian Business Forum these and other issues will be discussed,» the Chair of the Board of the NRCC says.

Bilateral Commission

       It is, however, no secret that cross border economic cooperation has suffered as a consequence of a reduced business dialogue the last couple of years. Therefore, both the NRCC and its Russian counterpart, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, are pleased to note that officials earlier this year met in the Norwegian border town Kirkenes under the auspices of the Bilateral Commission on Trade, and that this important work continues.

       «When we meet with the population and the regional officials on both sides of the border, we notice a strong desire for broader business cooperation. NRCC is ready to do our part in promoting this development,» Ms Stubholt emphasizes.

       «Keeping up the dialogue and maintaining the regular everyday business contact in challenging times is probably the most important activity to ensure long term business cooperation. This is particularly important as business suffers under the unpredictability dominating the bilateral relationship and the markets.»

Be on good terms

       «During the 5th Norwegian-Russian Business Forum we will do our part to discuss and design the future for enhanced economical cooperation between neighbours, because after all neighbours should always strive to be on good terms with each other. Mutually respectful relationship with neighbours is a common interest and a joint objective.»

        «Therefore we are looking forward to fruitful discussions. In a positive atmosphere we intend to strengthen existing ties and to build new networks,» concludes Ms Liv Monica Stubholt.